How To Make A Fairy Garden (with kids)

Fairy Gardens

I’m finally posting our fairy gardens! They were so much fun and the best part is that they will never die. It’s true!  Okay, so in good taste, I do have two real succulents in my fairy garden.  However, if they die, I can pluck them right out and there is still plenty of beautiful greenery to keep it pretty.

Fairy Garden Michaels Craft Store


The cool thing about fairy gardens is that you can make them however you want. There are no rules.  And let me tell you, don’t try and set rules for your four year old child with the fairy garden either.  What started as a project of making one fairy garden together, turned into each of us making our own.  Just start off on the right foot and give your babe their own little pot and you have your own! This way you can both have fun. Other option -roll with it and don’t freak when baby puts her pretty pony that’s the size of the house into the garden. 😉

Fairy Garden for Children

We had a great time painting the little houses and decorating them with the moss and rocks.

Fairy Garden

I found all of these miniatures at Michaels Stores.  They had the cutest things in there and I wanted them all! It was pretty sweet because I had won a gift card recently for their #michaelsmakeathon contest going on just for sharing my “Anything Knit Bag”! I swore I wouldn’t spend the whole thing on yarn (though the majority will most certainly will be for yarn). But I couldn’t wait to buy the stuff for this project in order for my girl and I to have some quality time.  It was great.

Fairy Garden - How to make a fairy garden
See the bike in the background? I love this little table and chairs. The plates are from my dollhouse that I have kept for my daughter.

For a Fairy Garden You Will Need:

Any pot

Soil to fill it

Real or fake plants

Moss for ground cover and to glue to roof

Paint and houses (optional)


Anything that you can find outside to add interest. Use little sticks to make tree stumps or small branches to make little trees. You can get really creative!

Miniatures of your choice ( I used a lot, but I’ve seen some cute gardens with just a fairy and another item or two with the natural elements and flowers)

Succulents ( I used a lot of fake succulents – they look real. No one knows they are fake except you and me )

A fairy or gnome (if you’d like)

I also have fairy lights


I used hot glue to attach the moss to the roofs and windows.  We also glued rocks onto some of the walls of the houses.  Basic acrylic paint was used on the houses.


Fairy Garden How to make on a budget
My daughter picked out this cat for hers and I think it’s so cute!
Fairy Garden for kids
Guard dog

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden Succulents on Budget
This little gnome is the coolest.

Fairy Garden How To

You can get so creative with these! While it’s possible to spend a lot of money to make a fairy garden, there is a lot you can find in your backyard to make it your own.

What do you think? Are you going to make one or have you already?

Happy fairy “gardening”! 😉



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  1. I have started one around the base of my maple tree in the backyard…….however a raccoon decides everytime I set it up it would be nice to dig it up my poor mini flamingo has been buried several times………cause come on what fairy garden isn’t complete without a pink flamingo!! have a great day!!

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