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Powdered Sugar Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

Powdered Sugar Beginner Crochet Free Cowl_

*I forgot to take a picture of it wrapped twice around my neck, but this pattern does allow for it two be wrapped two times around the neck. 🙂

Isn’t it fun to see all the great scarves in the stores right now?! The idea for this crochet scarf actually came from a knit lace scarf that I saw while my mom and I were out shopping (though that scarf was a greenish color). Had I knit this, it would have taken weeks for me to finish.

I made this beginner crochet scarf in three evenings, and could probably have done it quicker! And by beginner, I mean BEGINNER. I actually started off by trying to do some crochet lace, and then trying some half double crochets, etc. But after playing around for quite some time, the best look was to use a big hook and single crochet the whole thing.  No need to complicate things. Ha! It’s a lot like the yellow summer scarf that I made not all that long ago. 🙂

Powdered Sugar Crochet Cowl Pattern


I found this amazing yarn when I was browsing at Jo-Ann Fabrics while baby was in preschool.  Normally I do not like hairy, furry yarns because they tend to shed. Those fuzzies always end up in my eyes and my mouth, and though it looks cool, it’s just too hard to wear I tell ya!  Am I just getting old?! I tried to kind of test this yarn in the store to see if any of the little fuzzies would come off, and they didn’t.  Even after crocheting this entire thing, I didn’t have one piece of fuzz come off of it. I was even crocheting in black pajama pants, and had NOTHING on my pants. I am so impressed and happy to find this yarn. Really, I wish you could reach through the screen and feel it because it is SOOOO SOFT!

See pictures below of it being made. 🙂


*This is great for a beginner

*Uses up two skeins of yarn


You will need:

Size US Size P16 / 10mm Crochet Hook

2 skeins Buttercream Angel Hair Yarn from JoAnns or comparable yarn


How to make it in the round (what I did):

Chain 74, slip stitch to join, ch 1

Round 1 until you use up both skeins of yarn – single crochet around (no need to join each round, or count rounds)

It doesn’t get much easier, right?

The chain seemed to want to twist, so if you are a TRUE BEGINNER, here is an easier way to get the same look

How to get a similar look crocheting it flat:

Chain 16

Row 1 Single crochet across, ch 1, turn

Row 2 until you use both skeins of yarn or you reach desired length –  Repeat row 1

Once you reach the desired length, whip stitch both ends together

Powdered Sugarn Easy Crochet Cowl Yarn
Here’s the label from the yarn in case you go looking for it! There are mixed reviews online about it. One reviewer said it is difficult to “frog” it if you make a mistake. I didn’t have that issue since this was such an easy project.
Powdered Sugar Cowl Chain
Both methods start with a chain.
powedered Sugar Slip stitch
To crochet it in the round, you will slip stitch to join.
Powdered Sugar Cowl
Single crochet until you use up your two skeins of Angel Hair yarn. That’s it! This measures about 10.5 inches tall, and 23 inches wide or 46 inches around.

Free Pattern Powdered Sugar Crochet Scarf

I think this would make a really thoughtful gift for just about anyone. If you make it, I’d love to see a picture! Just post it to my Facebook page, or send me an email. 🙂

What do you think of the fuzzy yarns? Are you picky with them too?






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  1. I had to chuckle reading about the fuzzy yarn and you testing it and all.. Knowing that it did not even shed on black pants is definitely a true test of this particular yarn. I really like the cozy and soft appearance of this scarf. Nice job Jessica!

    1. Aww, thanks Gwyn! It’s easy to look cute when you take about 30 photo shots to get one you like. Ha ha!

  2. Beautiful!!! I’ll have to look for it on my next visit to JoAnn’s. I have the same problem with novelty yarns, but after reading your experience, I’m ready to give it a shot.

    1. Nice to hear that someone else has my same issue! Yes, check it out when you go to Joann’s. Let me know what you think if you try it.

  3. Hi
    I would like this so that it goes around neck 2 -3 times. How many chains would be required? Thanks

    1. Just after posting, I realized that I didn’t take a picture of this wrapped around my neck twice. I’m not sure how many more to chain to get it around a third time, but with this pattern you can wrap it twice. Feel free to chain as many as you’d like! It’s a very flexible pattern. 🙂

  4. When I saw your beautiful scarf I just had to make it. I’m not a seasoned crocheter, but I feeI can do a single crochet. I’ve made several rounds , but my scarf is not laying flat and it does not have the open spaces in the stitching. I trying to keep the yarn loose and I am using the same yarn as you used for your scarf and size P hook. What do you recommend? This is such a lovely scarf that I want to make it for myself.

    Hugs from a fellow Coloradan.

    1. Hi Pat! Hmmm, the only thing that I can think of would be to make sure you are crocheting in the stitch and not the`hole` from the hook. If you`re using the right hook and same yarn, it should be the same. Gosh, Im stumped. Have you tried doing the flat method that I mention? Maybe that would help? Maybe if you send a close up picture of the scarf to my email mamainastitch@gmail.com I could see what`s going on. I want this to work for you! You could also see if trying a larger hook could help?

        1. I’m finding that the “p” hook comes in 3 sizes: 11.5 mm, 13 mm, 15 mm. What size P hook did you use for this project? This could be part of my problem…as well as being a novice crochet :-}

          Also I want to thank you for turning me on to crocheting. After I tried your scarf pattern and did not like how tight the stitch pattern came out, I decided to see if I could find a different EASY pattern to use the yarn on. I did find a pattern I liked and have now made 3 scarves from that pattern. My friend have even asked for the pattern. Anyway, if it were not for your beautiful, eye-catching scarf I would not be heading to the yarn department every time I go shopping.

          Thanks for the inspiration,

          1. Ha ha! Well, I’m sorry this one didn’t work for you, but I’m glad you found one that did. Someone had commented earlier to be sure and slide the yarn up the hook to make sure you aren’t crocheting too tight. She said that she teaches crochet and it’s a common problem. Who knew! It says on the packaging that my P is actually a 10.00 mm hook. Unfortunately I guess hook sizes can vary even if they are marked with the same letter. From now on I will put mm sizes on my patterns. Either way, any of the P hooks you mentioned are large enough to give you the open look of the scarf. It just may take more yarn and you would get a slightly bigger swatch with the larger hooks. 🙂 Either way, thank you for writing me and happy crocheting Pat!

          2. I’m currently making this scarf using a 11.5 hook and it’s turning out great. Very soft to the eye and feel, love it! If I changed anything, I’d make it longer. 😀

  5. I love the simplicity and elegant look. This is definitely on my to-do list. I’ve made other projects with angel hair yarn from JoAnn’s and it’s heavenly to work with. This is another perfect excuse to make one of my frequent runs up to JoAnn’s!

  6. Patty – I teach a lot of ladies to crochet and quite often they struggle with making their stitches too tight. I show them how to slide each stitch upward to the thicker part of the hook and work the stitches in a way that they maintain the hook size. That keeps the work looser. If you haven’t already, try this method. It should also help you get the openings between the stitches.

    Jessica, I hope you don’t mind my mentioning this to Patty. I run into this frequently with my students. I can’t wait to make this scarf for myself and friends!

  7. Is this itchy? I’m finding that it feels great in the store then I take it home and make a scarf and can’t stand it around my neck! Looks so pretty though.

    1. I think it’s really soft, but I guess we all have our definition of itchy! If you don’t like a furry feel, you may not like it.

  8. I just love the fact that this is a beautiful and beginner pattern, that is made with soft fluffy yarn..thank you so much from this beginner..

    1. You’re welcome RoseAnn. Some new beginners have found it a little difficult, but many have enjoyed it. I hope it works out for you!

  9. This is just beautiful, Jessica. Unfortunately, I don’t have a JoAnne’s near me. Just Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. What other yarn would you recommend?

    1. Oh boy – well, I would say if you can find a bulky weight that is somewhat soft and fuzzy….I am sure you may have some luck finding something similar (maybe just another color) and either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 🙂 In fact, I think I may have seen some colorful, similar yarns at Hobby Lobby today.

  10. Has anyone made this yet? Does it double up nicely or is it right or too bulky? Just wondering if I should make it longer and thinner to double it up since there is not a pic of it.

    1. Hi Debbie – In case no one else answers, it does double up, but it is rather close fitting to the neck. If you like a longer look, you may want to make it a bit longer. 🙂

  11. Jessica, so beautiful. You create “wish list” everything. This yarn is perfect for the scarf you made. You are very lucky in the U.S. Here in Australia there are so very many yarns we are unable to obtain, Buttercream Yarn is one of them. Often there is no shipping to here or its so high its just way beyond budget. Its hard to find a substitute yarn especially with a mix like Buttercream for as you said most fluffy yarns shed like crazy. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away from your beautiful creations. Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. Hi Deb! I hear you! I wish we could find every yarn, everywhere in the world. I’m sorry you can’t get any of this yarn. Thanks so much for your kind words at the same time!

      My husband said if he could go anywhere in the world on vacation it would be Australia and New Zealand. We hope one day to make it there as it looks beautiful. What a great place to live.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Deb.

  12. Tried to find the angel hair yarn but none of the jo’ann around here have it and when I tried to get it online it says not available . I did find kind of a fuzzy yarn but my question is when you chain 74 and join it the opening will barely go over my head. Thanks

  13. This scarf is the perfect project for a friend of mine. I,too, just discovered the angel hair yarn from Jo-ann’s.

    I just started knitting with this yarn last week. I’m using it to make Santa Claus hats. I couldn’t find a white fuzzy yarn that I liked. This is great to knit with as well. when I have tried to knit with fuzzy yarn in the past well let’s just say it wasn’t a good idea.

    Thank you so much for the scarf pattern. I plan to make it for my friend for her birthday

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