How To Crochet An Easy Slouchy Hat – “East Village Slouch”


Hi friends! Today I want to share with you a completely EASY slouch hat project that is definitely going to be my new “go to” pattern.  Last year I posted a simple pattern for a slouch hat that was done in the moss stitch. While the moss stitch is an easy stitch, there really isn’t anything easier than just a straight up single crochet stitch.   I actually like the fit and the versatility of this hat better than last year’s hat.  If you can single crochet and crochet in the round, you’ve already got this tutorial nailed. If not, you can easily learn single crochet from YouTube and hop right back over here to make this hat once you’re comfortable with it.  There’s very little counting, which for me is a major plus and  most importantly, it’s super comfy. This slouch hat is stretchy enough that it will fit a variety of head sizes and uses JUST ONE SKEIN of yarn.   I named it after the neighborhood in New York City where my brother lives because it seems there’s all kinds of cool, hipster, slouch hat wearing peeps there.  Woot woot!


I tried making this hat with a variety of hook sizes, but found that when I used the hook that was indicated on the packaging, the fabric was a bit too tight for a slouch hat. By using a larger hook, the hat has more drape which gives it that slouch look that we are going for.

I love how single crochet stitches sometimes almost look knit as they do here


It’s a comfy, cozy hat for sure!
It takes just one skein of yarn to make this hat.


So let’s get to it, oh, and be sure to check out the picture tutorial AND the pattern below….


East Village Crochet Slouch Hat Pattern Supplies:

US Size L 8.0 mm Hook

US Size H 5. mm Hook

1 skein of Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn in Grey Marble or comparable worsted weight yarn (145 yards)

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Yarn – $3.52

Retail Price: $4.40
You Save: $0.88
from: Craftsy

(Above is an affiliate link, I will be paid a small commission if you make a purchase through this link)

Tapestry needle to weave in ends


**You can find an inexpensive ad-free, printable PDF version of this pattern HERE in my Etsy shop or feel free to scroll down to find the free pattern below!



Slouchy Hat Size:

9” inch diameter at base, 11.5” inches from top of hat to bottom of hat when laid flat


Single crochet


Skip stitch

Crocheting in the round

Increase by making two single crochet in one stitch



Ch – chain

Sc – single crochet

Sk st- skip stitch


Mark the beginning of each round.

The hat is worked in continuous rounds, do not join at the end of each round.

When the pattern states to make “2 sc in each stitch”, this means that you will place 2 single crochet stitches into the one stitch. This is an increase if you’re not familiar with increasing.

If you want the base of the hat to fit differently, for example to be smaller or larger, you can use either a smaller or larger hook than the Size H when it comes to that point in the pattern.  The Size H will create a hat that is one size fits most.


**Scroll Down Below the Pictures to See the Full Pattern

Picture Tutorial:

Start with your chain 2


Make 6 single crochet stitches into the second chain from your hook. (Pictured above)


Crochet in continuous rounds following the easy pattern below


Mark your rounds and continue to follow the pattern


When you begin row 10 and continue single crocheting around and around, your hat will begin to form it’s shape.


Here, I’m getting close to where I will switch to the smaller size H hook to make the final 1.5″ inches of the hat! This last 1.5 inches will tighten up the hat so that it fits on your head properly.


Metro Crochet Slouchy Hat Pattern:

Ch 2

Round 1 6 sc into second ch from hook (pull tail to tighten)

Round 2 2 sc in each stitch around (12 stitches)

Round 3 *1 sc in next stitch, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (18 stitches)

Round 4 *1 sc in next two stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (24 stitches)

Round 5  *1 sc in next three stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (30 stitches)

Round 6  *1 sc  in next 4 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (36 stitches)

Round 7 *1 sc in next 5 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (42 stitches)

Round 8 *1 sc in next 6 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (48 stitches)

Round 9 * 1 sc in next 7 stitches, 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat from * around. (54 stitches)

Round 10 Sc in each stitch around

Repeat round 10, working in continuous rounds (you don’t need to join or chain at the end of rounds) until hat measures approximately 10″ inches from top of hat, to bottom of hat when laying flat.

Once your hat measures approximately 10″ inches from top to bottom, change hooks and begin using your Size H 5.0 mm hook.

With your size H hook, repeat round 10, working in continuous rounds for approximately 1.5″ inches.  Once you’ve made 1.5″ inches of rounds with your size H hook, skip one stitch and tie off. By skipping a stitch, rather than tying off in the next stitch, you will avoid making a small step or bump. Weave in ends.



That’s all there is to this super duper, easy peasy, slouchy couchy hat. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Hi Mamainstitch I really like the slouchy hat. It came out great. I’ll be giving it a go for my daughter. Thank you for pattern. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Erlinda! I’m so pleased that you like how it turned out. I sure hope that your daughter likes it too! I think it’s really comfortable so hopefully she will. You’re welcome for the pattern, I’m happy to share! Have a great day!

  2. Love the pattern and can’t wait to start it. (Just one quickie — somewhere you have written “it’s” — it’s means it is. Its means its, no apostrophe. Very common misuse of the words.) Happy creating, sapodedo

  3. thanks for sharing I hope my hat will like yours. Jessica
    I needed to make one more gift and here it is.

  4. This was my very first project. I accidentally used the H hook for the whole project so after round 10 the hat wasn’t big enough so I did a few extra rounds, adding stitches. When the hat began turning into an actual hat shape, I thought it might be a little to big so I reduced the circle by like 12 stitches. I’m glad I didn’t just undo it and start over because after the hat was finished I really liked it. The floppy part in the back has a slight flattened bubble shape, that resembles a french bureau hat. Plus I made the hat super deep because I wanted to finish the skein and also be able to turn back a small hem if I wanted.

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