Crochet Cover-Up Pattern “Infinite Ways” Sarong

It’s a crocheted sarong!

The thought to make a crocheted sarong cover-up pattern has been swirling around in my head for months and I finally hopped to it! I finished it just in time for my own summer vacation in fact.  What I love about it is that you can wear it in so many different ways! It was certainly interesting to try and figure out how to make a fabric that’s light enough to be wrapped and tied without creating a lot of bulk.  By using a large hook, beautiful Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton and a lovely diamond mesh stitch pattern it worked out to be just that. Light, easy to tie, and fun to wear in an “infinite” number of ways. 😉  It is totally my new summer vacation staple!

Scroll on down this page to see the full, free pattern! You may also choose to purchase the ad-free printable version HERE and Lion Brand has made this into a kit as well which includes the pattern and all of the yarn needed! So many options. 🙂

(I can’t believe I’m donning a swimsuit on the internet all in the name of showing you the many ways to wear – ugh!)

Here we have blanket sarong….

Here we have dress sarong…..

Here we have skirt sarong…

And the scarf sarong…

Halter Dress Style….

So many ways to wear it, no? And it’s just a rectangle!

I’ve even made a full stitch tutorial that includes a video HERE for the Diamond Mesh Stitch which is used in this pattern. Isn’t mesh just the best? Many of you already know I’m a huge fan.  Most recently I shared the “Little Black Tank” which is a knit mesh and the “How To Crochet An Easy Mesh Stitch” tutorial on my blog has been a reader favorite. The Diamond Mesh is so beautiful, airy and pretty perfect for any warm weather projects in my opinion.  What do you think of it?

Be sure to view the full stitch tutorial to see how to create the diamond mesh stitch


Infinite Ways Crochet Sarong Pattern

By Jessica from Mama In A Stitch

This piece could be the most versatile cover-up that you’ve ever owned.  The unique and airy sarong can be worn so many ways! Use it as a striking shawl or make it into a dress or skirt. You choose how much you want to cover up and what style you’re in the mood for. Plus, it’s fun to crochet as it uses a super simple stitch pattern.  Who knew making a simple, airy rectangle could turn into a summer vacation staple? Enjoy!

You will need:

Size L 8.0 mm crochet hook

3 skeins of Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn in White (186 yards, 100g per skein) Pattern uses approximately 300 g

1 skein of Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Worsted Weight Yarn in Black (186 yards, 100g per skein) Pattern uses approximately 30 g (You can purchase the kit from Lion Brand HERE)


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends


Skill Level:

Easy +


Skills & Abbreviations:

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

st – stitch

sk – skip



Just over 2 ½ stitches per inch, just under 1 row per inch


One size fits most

64 inches long X 36 inches wide


This sarong is created with a series of chain stitches and single crochet stitches.  By using a large hook and working the diamond mesh stitch pattern, you will make the drapey, open fabric that you see here.  The fact that the fabric is so light and open makes it possible to tie this piece in a multitude of ways without creating any bulk. Cool, right?! You should know how to make chain stitches, single crochet stitches and be comfortable counting stitches.

Please remember to refer to my Diamond Mesh Stitch Tutorial HERE for further help with the stitch used in this pattern!

Tip: You may want to measure after you’ve made several rows of the pattern to ensure your gauge is correct. Your piece should measure approximately 36” wide. You may adjust hook size if you need to make your gauge larger or smaller.


Infinite Ways Sarong Cover-Up Pattern

Using “White”

Ch 95 stitches

Row 1 Skip 1st ch, sc in next ch, *ch 5 sk 3 chains, sc in next. Repeat from * across ending with a sc, turn. (Don’t forget to see my stitch tutorial and video HERE for additional help)

Row 2 *Ch 5, sc in next ch 5 space; repeat from * across to end of row, work last sc in sc below, turn.

Row 3 *Ch 5, sc in next ch 5 sp; repeat from * across the row, turn.

Row 4 – 70 or until entire piece measures approximately 62” inches long, repeat row 3

Tie off and weave in ends.

Black Edging:

Attach black to outside corner edge with slip stitch.  You will work across the short ends of the sarong only.

Row 1 *Ch 5, sc in next ch 5 sp; repeat from * across row.  Tie off and weave in ends.

Repeat row 1 to create black edging on opposite end

*Tip: at this point you might want to try on your sarong. If you would like to make it longer, simply add more rows with your black yarn on each side until you reach your desired length. (This may be applicable for sizes XL and larger)


To make a tassel, cut 15 lengths of yarn approximately 7 inches long. Holding the lengths of yarn together, fold in half.  Tie a separate length of yarn around the center and tie a knot.  Next, cut another length of yarn approximately 8 inches long. Tie around top of tassel and weave in ends to the inside of tassel. Trim the tassels straight across so the length is approximately 2 ½ inches- 3 inches. Attach two tassels to each corner of the sarong. You may even add more if you’d like!

See instructions below on how to tie your sarong in various ways

How to Tie the Infinite Ways Sarong Cover Up:

Upper Left Photo “Shawl”: Place over shoulders as if to wear a shawl. Wrap any way that you find comfortable!

Upper Right Photo “Skirt”: Hold sarong lengthwise or horizontally and wrap around body (on average it will wrap 2 times) holding the upper corners, tie one time to secure at side of waist.

Bottom Left Photo “Halter Dress”:  Hold sarong behind you, lengthwise holding each top corner. Pull each corner under the shoulders and to the front of you then back around the neck and tie with a knot.

Bottom Right Photo “Dress II”:  Hold sarong vertically in front of you, holding each corner on the short end.  Tie the corners around your neck. Next, gather the material at your waist on each side and tie a small knot on one side of the waist.

There are many ways to wear a sarong and you can simply do a google search and see them all and give them a try.  There are also great picture tutorials on exactly how to tie a sarong if you would like more visual assistance by googling “how to tie a sarong”.


I hope that you enjoyed this pattern and I wish you all the best this summer! 🙂



Thank you to Lion Brand Yarn for sponsoring this post and for their support! All opinions are my own.

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  1. This Sarong cover up is adorable and so many fun ways to use it. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creations with us. Simply beautiful!

  2. Jessica you are something else the ideas you come up with is amazing yet always so simple. I love this and the photos of the many ways to wear it. Will add to my to do list. I’m almost done with the summer shurg I’m making and wil be making your black tank next. Thanks for all you do for us. Will post a pic of the black tank when I’m done. Enjoy your well deserved vacation!!

    1. Hi Kathy!
      You’re always such a joy to hear from. Thanks for your kind words as always! Please send pics my way of the tank….you can let me know how it compares to the other tank that you made in the past from the blog. 🙂 Have a lovely week and I hope you had a nice 4th of July with your family!

  3. I love The Look Jess….My daughter loves things like this so someday…just maybe…I’ll try it! Keep up the good work. Enjoy your vacation and family time!

    1. Thanks sweet Shiela! We had a great vacation and now it’s time to dive back into some yarn. 🙂

  4. Gorgeous photos! I will bookmark this for the To Be Crocheted pile of patterns I have growing O.O Am I the only who can collect patterns faster than you can crochet?

  5. I’m making mine now in light blue and navy for a week at the beach! It’s so simple and pretty! Thanks for another awesome pattern.

    1. That’s such a great color combo Dee! Enjoy your week at the beach AND your sarong!

  6. She does it again!!! Another gorgeous pattern by mama Jess! Can’t wait to make this one like NOW.. Its 12:45 am but I’m ready to get started! Now I usually follow your instructions to the letter including the yarn you recommend including the colorways…but you got my creative juices flowing and I’m pondering how this would look worked up in some sari ribbon yarn… I ordered a bunch of the most beautiful and unique recycled ribbon sari yarn a while back from A Darn Good Yarn Company. As I really believe in supporting this small women owned company. There’s such a passion to do good in this world and a mission statement that I truly believe in…the empowerment and betterment of women, in a country where they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn a trade, learn life skills and work towards becoming independent and self sufficient so they can care for themselves and their children. Nothing’s better then that!!!These women create the most beautiful yarns and fibers with their own two hands ….something tangible that they can be proud of. Everyone, from the owners, to the customer service team, to packing and shipping, are THE most wonderful people. If anyone reading this hasn’t already checked them out, I highly recommend doing so! Just google A Darn Good Yarn.
    So anywho…that sari ribbon yarn has been sitting here…..eyeballing me…staring at me…sure, I stop to pet it now and again… sniff it…make sure it’s comfortable and on call at a moments notice while we wait…waiting for me and it.. yes, it’s THE yarn lol as it’s a team effort to decide what it wants to be when it grows up.. yes… my yarn does speak to me and yes I do have a bunch of specialty yarn ,aka $$$$ lol, just waiting to be worked into something spectacular and since it’s sooo special I do tend to listen to it..lmfao… some say I’m a fiber snob… others just say other things hehe but this yarn is special as in specially expensive…shhhh… it doesn’t want my husband to know JUST how special it really was omg lol.. ok ok maybe I don’t want him to know… he’d probably be able to purchase that boat he’s been wanting just from selling off my yarn collection ( hmmm… ughhh… my yarn hoard… zoot alures!
    *gasp* but collection seems so much nicer…. eeks! And my yarn is organized and very well taken care of aka displayed beautifully in my craft room…but any-who, I digress… like most fiber snobs will tell you… It may take a year to find the perfect marriage between pattern and yarn… but I always know it when I see it.. instantly…and I’m super positive and believe that between your gorgeous pattern and THAT yarn… I’ll have the most wicked awesome Sarong ever…..so now I can’t wait to get started like right this moment . I’ve been in a crochet creative slump with my creative juices blocked lately and this just brought me back! I feel like I’m back, ready to start creating again!!!!!!! (Bowing down to Mama in a stitch)
    You are extremely talented and thanks for sharing those talents with the rest of us whom believe their yarn speaks to them! But just incase and I think this goes without saying but I’ll say it anyways ….I know my yarn doesn’t really talk to me…it speaks to my creative soul lol.. you know, it’s just part of my creative process and I’ve talked to you before about my illnesses so Mama already knows a little bit about me lol but since I’ve been chronically Ill with a myriad of autoimmune and neurological illnesses for a long while now, I really need to be creative as it’s a therapeutic outlet in so many ways. My Rhuematologist/ immunologist suggested that I keep my hands physically active and moving… as well as my mind occupied… because waiting to get better when there’s no cure… no end in sight is torture in itself so finding something to occupy my time, my hands and my headspace Is healthy for me and I’m better for it. Even on my worst days… when I can hardly open my hands to hold a hook, I make myself do it and just crochet thru the pain and then before I even realize it… I’m hooking full speed ahead…and holding in my hands something I just created…and it makes me so thankful and happy.. not even registering the pain…. because how can you possibly focus on the physical pain, the mental aspects of being overwhelmed and throwing yourself a pity party lol on those really bad days… when you’re holding something in your gnarled hands that YOU just created? It’s euphoric….You can’t! You just can’t beat the feeling I get! It’s impossible to concentrate on the pain or how much it hurts..or how much it sucks that something as simple as reading a crochet pattern becomes all jumbled in your head fog because you feel like you’re underwater and it might as well be written in a foreign language because you just can’t comprehend the information…you can’t even think negatively when you’ve just created something you didn’t think you could do anymore… something so small to others… becomes a huge source of pride and gives me the motivation to keep going… just keep trucking along because I can and I will continue to create with these two hands and a foggy messed up brain for as long as it’s physically possible…I know for a fact that crochet has helped me so much… especially Mama in a stitch… your patterns and tutorials are so well written that even on my worst brain days… I can still understand and comprehend the information and execute the instructions either from the way it’s written or the great pictures you include. I’ve told Mama Jess before that because of the way she’s able to design and write patterns and tutorials that I’m able to keep doing what I love when I had given up out of frustration with other patterns etc. I know it seems like I’m just rambling on here but I’m sure there’s some of you that understand what I’m saying and why I’m so thankful to her. In a world where I sometimes feel inept, inadequate, stupid and worthless… where I’ve lost so much control of my life as it were.. it’s such a blessing to be able to keep on Doing at least one thing i could do before I got sick and not have to give that up too… it’s very powerful when you’re in a position like that. I wish I could explain it better and god only knows I’d never want anyone to experience what I go through on a daily basis… but if you’re out there… I know you understand what I’m trying to say lol…its very emotional even though it might seem like such a small thing to most people, it’s a HUGE thing for me…and for that, I’m extremely thankful and grateful for Mama (Jess) in a stitch…
    So thank you for reading my thoughts for today and allowing me to vent a bit…
    sending much love, light, and positive vibes To each and everyone of you!
    – Jess aka mama in a stiff… get it? Haha stiff? As in Rheumatoid arthritis? lmfao, god I crack me up sometimes hehehehe… ahhh it’s the little things that keep me going….crochet and laughing really helps too hehe!

    1. I’m so honored by you taking the time to write this my friend! You are an inspiration with what you are able to do with your hands even with your pain. Keep crocheting and stick with it lady! And yes…I’ve been wanting to try out the “Darn Good Yarn” for some time. Maybe one day I’ll get my hands on some! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words. I so often wonder if my patterns and tutorials are easy enough to understand and I’m so glad to hear that you think that they are. This is what keeps me going, thank you for being an inspiration and I wish you all the best and healing (and laughing) for you!

  7. I’m not a crocheter and tried this, but my work kept “shrinking” along the way. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there any possibility that you will come up with a knit version? Thank you!!!!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      I don’t have any knit versions in the works as I’ve started to begin planning out some fall projects already. Lol!

      That’s too bad that it was shrinking as you went along. I wonder if it would help to try a small swatch first and practice the stitch for a while that way. If you go to the stitch tutorial it will tell you how to start your chain (just make it a short one) and then practice from there. Thanks for reaching out and maybe I’ll keep a knit version in mind for next year. 🙂

  8. wow! this is just amazing. Simple, fun and looks so fancy. I am for sure taking this as my next Project 😀 you have wonderful ideas <3

  9. Love the Infinite Ways cover up
    can u tell me how u blocked yours
    Does it need blocking?
    Made it for my granddaughter came out lovely
    Thank u

    1. Hi Jean! I didn’t do any blocking at all. 🙂 You certainly can, but I didn’t find it to be necessary. How sweet that you made it for your granddaughter!

  10. I follow pattern exactly, yet I end up with a way smaller finished product than the one pictured. It’s a me problem, not a problem with the patterns, because this has happened to me on other projects as well. What am I doing wrong that’s making my finished products come out smaller than supposed to?

    1. Hi Sara! Sorry you’re having trouble with it turning out small. You probably crochet a bit tight if it happens on many different projects. I actually crochet very loosely, so I have the opposite thing happen to me! You might want to learn how to check gauge – you’ll almost always see a gauge listed in a pattern. Also, you can always try to go up one hook size and that might make a difference for you.

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