Mountain Meadow Wool and Cowl Pattern Preview

Hi my fellow friends and yarn lovers…..right here, some yarn eye candy for you:

Wool Skein - Mountain Meadow Wool

The color of this skein is called “Neopolitan”. It sure does remind me of that delicious ice cream we eat full of vanilla, chocolate and strawberries. Yum! When I got the chance to do a review for Mountain Meadow Wool with this yarn and their amazing wool dryer balls, I was so super excited! Of course, I immediately was dreaming up what kind of pattern I could make with it, and you will find a sneak peek at the cowl below and the full pattern to follow this post. 🙂

Wool Ribbed Knit Cowl Construction
Here’s my cowl in progress. Full pattern to follow this post!

Those of us that knit and crochet, we make art. But doesn’t it take it to a whole new level when we make our art with another piece of art, which is the yarn? This yarn is truly a work of art, with an amazing story behind it as well.  This women owned company’s wool comes straight from 16 working family ranches in the Wyoming. Their mission is to sustain ranching here in the west, which they are successfully accomplishing. A lot of you know that I enjoy nature and the beauty out here in Colorado.  I’m all about supporting any company who helps maintain the natural beauty surroundings and ranchlands in this part of the country.  This particular yarn is 15% alpaca and 85% mountain merino wool from the Camino Ranch in Jackson County, Wyoming. How cool is that? I love that the alpaca gives it a nice little halo, and adds to the softness of the yarn. Wool can be a hit or miss thing for me as it has to be soft enough to be able to ENJOY wearing it. I am definitely enjoying this yarn. 🙂

I also gave their 100% wool dryer balls a try! Okay, I’ve heard of dryer balls before and seen them occasionally, but had never actually tried them.  These are supposed to shorten up the dry time by up to 50%, and replace the need for dryer sheets.  These particular dryer balls really impressed me as they were larger than I remember dryer balls being, and they held up like champions in the dryer. Their website says, “Wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic and wool fibers inhibit bacteria growth. ” I think this is so cool, and I’m sure this is why they are able to freshen up the clothing so nicely.

Normally I’m throwing in a load of clothes right as it’s time to go to bed. The hubby is usually giving me a disapproving sideways glance as we hear the dryer roaring while we try to go to sleep.  ANYTHING that may make drying time quicker is welcome in my house!

Wool Dryer Balls 2

The presentation alone of the dryer balls is impressive as they come in an eco friendly cotton sack with beautiful labeling.  I’m really happy to have these, and already have a couple people in mind that may love these as a gift.

Have you all used dryer balls before?

Just so you know, I wasn’t compensated in any way for this post. I received these products in order to tell you my honest opinion only. I also made a pattern because I couldn’t stop myself. 😉

This post will be followed up with the  “Wide Ribbed Neopolitan Knit Cowl” full pattern! I know, two posts in one evening has never happened. But here goes!

Up next…..

Wide Ribbed Knit Cowl Pattern 1

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  1. Love me some dryer balls! Mine will be going in about 30 minutes when I load of jeans will be done. Love them. And that yarn, wow, beautiful!! What is better than supporting local and having a beautiful piece to show for it. I am toying with the idea of buying some alpaca yarn to make my first shawl. Maybe I will check these guys out. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hey Amy,
      I love to hear that you use dryer balls! I’m so happy to have them now! I will most definitely have to throw them in with my “jeans” loads. I may have already lost one to the dog that is obsessed with balls. OOPS! Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to knit or crochet with alpaca but never have (not 100%). Let me know if you do it how you like it (or love it)! I totally agree, it’s awesome to support companies like these. 🙂

  2. Thank you very much. Simple, mindless and snuggly warm. What else could we ask for for a get away from it all project!!!

    1. Yay! I’m glad you like it Susan. I like your description of a “get away from it all project!”

  3. Wow, I definitely want some dryer balls and I enjoyed reading about them as well. Thanks for keeping me informed on new ideas.

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