How To Crochet A Sunglasses Case

It’s that time of year. We are outside as much as possible and my sunglasses are nearly a permanent fixture on my face. Sunglasses are a great way to avoid having to put make-up on when I drop my baby off at kindergarten too.  Haha! I’m infamous for losing my sunglasses and not caring for them properly, so a nice sunglasses case is in order.  This pattern is easy peasy and I like it because it uses super bulky yarn which makes the case a bit thicker and more protective.  This method of using slip stitches also gives the case an almost a knit-like look which I love! If you know the basics of crochet, you will easily be able to make this case in no time. It’s a great little stash buster too!

Below, I’m going to give you some basic directions on how to make a case, but it’s easy to substitute any yarn and hook to make it the way you want. Essentially, you will make a chain the length to wrap around your sunglasses and then join.  Next, you will work in rounds until you’ve made the case about an inch longer than the length of your sunglasses. You definitely want to make sure that you test out whether your glasses fit about half way through and adjust accordingly!

For this project, I used Lion Brand Hometown USA which is a soft, super bulky acrylic. It washes up nicely and I can always find it for super cheap at Wal-Mart! You can also find it on the Lion Brand website (here) in a ton of different colors.

How To Crochet A Basic Sunglasses Case

Step 1:

Make a chain long enough to wrap around the width of your sunglasses (loosely)

Step 2:

Join the chain together to work in rounds

Step 3:

Crochet around using your preferred stitch, working in continuous rounds (here I’ve used slip stitches through the back loops)

Step 4:

Crochet until the case is about an inch longer than the length of your sunglasses

Tie off and enjoy! Now I’ll get into the very pattern I made for my sunglasses case. I’m calling it the “Blanca Sunglasses Case”

Blanca Sunglasses Case Crochet Pattern


A simple crochet project that creates a beautiful, thick and protective sunglasses case. Enjoy!

You will need:

Size L, 8.0 mm crochet hook

1 skein Lion Brand Hometown USA Super Bulky yarn in New York White (142 g, 81 yards) Pattern uses approximately 50 grams


Tapestry Needle to weave in ends


Skill Level:

Easy +


Abbreviations/Skills needed:

ch – chain

sl st – slip stitch

sl st tblo – insert your hook from front to back under the back loop, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook


Approximately 3.75” x 7”


Crochet loosely as the slip stitch can become quite tight as you crochet making it more difficult to work the pattern. This pattern is worked in a spiral or continuous rounds – do not join at the end of each round. It’s easy to make your case wider by beginning with a longer beginning chain and adjusting the pattern accordingly.  Check if your sunglasses fit nicely in the case when you are about half way through to ensure you’ve made the right size! Adjust accordingly.



Ch 24 sl st to join in order to work in the round

Round 1 Sl st tblo in each stitch around (23)

Repeat round 1, working continuous rounds, until entire piece measures approximately 7 inches long.

Tie off and weave in ends


With a tapestry needle and a length of yarn, whip stitch the end closed. Weave in ends.

Optional button closure and hiding the beginning join (not pictured) – Sew end closed as instructed, leaving the point where you joined your chain in the first round at the center of the sunglasses case.  With your yarn and tapestry needle, tie a small loop where you slip stitched to join and weave in ends (this will also hide the join). Next sew a button on the opposite side of sunglasses case. You can then slip the loop over the button to close the case. Another option to hide the join would be to add a cute, trendy tag over the join.


Happy crocheting and sunglasses wearing. 😉



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How To Crochet A Sunglasses Case

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  1. How cute !!!!!
    I must start one as soon as I get home from work thanks for another great project

    1. Hehe! So happy that you like it Nancy. Have a great weekend and have fun crocheting!

  2. What a perfect summertime project!
    It’s quick, easy, and provides almost instant gratification.
    Thank you Jessica for another great idea.
    Happy Summer!

    1. Happy summer to you too! Yes – gotta love those instant gratification projects.

  3. Such a lovely,quick project to do. Thank you for putting this little gem on your site Jessica

  4. I have the idea of an “across the body” bag for my elderly client’s phone/emergency call button. How could I incorporate a long crocheted strap? It seems that the”sunglasses case”will fit a phone. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Great idea! I’d just add a long chain and then slip stitch to join. You can then make the chain (strap) thicker by single crocheting or double crocheting across – however many times you’d like.

  5. Hi Jessica! I love your crochet patters. So easy, so simple, so stylish!
    I’d love to have some patterns for the little ones. Easy crochet patterns for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages. You’ve already designed some lovely hats for toddlers.

    The Lion Brand yarns are not available here in Sweden. Ordering from abroad is expensive, due to high additional costs. Such a pity, but: This gives me an opportunity to choose luxury yarns for your patterns. Ha ha. For the price of your original suggestions, I’m able to buy some really special yarns. Guilt free yarn shopping!
    I just ordered several skeins of beautiful hand painted pima cotton and am trying to decide which of your patterns to make. I’m sure that the original style of your patterns will shine through even when crocheted in other yarns.
    I wish you and your family a lovely summer!

    1. Hi Mila! I’ve definitely done less of the toddler and child pieces recently. I really do want to make something for my daughter this fall, so hopefully you’ll see something for the kiddos soon. Thanks for all your kind words about my patterns. My best to you there in Sweden – I’d sure love to see Sweden someday!

      1. Welcome to Sweden! Poland is not far from Sweden.
        It’ll be exciting to see your new patterns for kids. I’m planning to make mama and toddler tops or sweaters for my goddaughter and her little girl.

  6. Sweet!
    I’ve been looking for
    something like this
    for a while.
    Thank you!

  7. Hi Jess,

    I would consider myself to be an advanced beginning/ beginner intermediate crocheter. But there has always been something about slip stitches, that I cannot get the hang of and I hope, that you might have some tips, for me? I did search YouTube, for tutorials and while they did help, every sample, was done flat. Not, in the round! Grrrrr!! I noticed, in your photos, that you have the case, with the right side facing out and the circumference, remains even, for the whole length and this is where I am stuck! After slip stitching the ends together, my case appears to starts tapering, about 1.5” down and persists, making the placement of the stitch, harder on me! What helped you with getting the slip stitch, placed where it’s supposed to be?

    Thanks, Cassandra

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